How to Protect Your Eyes from Wildfire Smoke

High winds and dry, hot weather caused dozens of wildfires to spread throughout Washington state this week, filling the Puget Sound region with smoke.

The smoke from the fires is polluting the air, causing it to reach unhealthy levels on both sides of the Cascade Mountains. If you have itchy or irritated eyes, or possibly some breathing problems or headaches, it’s likely the smoke in the air is bothering you. The experts at TruVision Eye Care in Tacoma provide tips on how you can protect your eyes from wildfire smoke.

Knowing When to Protect Your Eyes from Wildfire Smoke

Protect yourself by limiting your exposure to smoky air, using air filters and humidifiers for better indoor air quality. Outdoors, eye coverings such as wrap-around sunglasses, can help protect your eyes from windblown particles.

Smoke-Related Allergies, Irritation, and Inflammation

Smoke arrives as particles and chemical irritants. Cooling your eyes to reduce their reaction to smoke-based irritants can help. Make sure your eyes are well-lubricated so that your tears can flush out the smoke particles. Using over-the-counter allergy medicines can help reduce reactions in your eyes, nose, and lungs, and reduce inflammation. Staying hydrated can also help with smoke-related irritation. Drink more water and splash water on your face when you can.

Tips for Dealing with Smoky Air:

  • Stay conscious of smoke and air quality warnings. You can get the latest news from any of your favorite local news websites.
  • Limit time outdoors and keep windows and doors closed while you’re inside
  • Set your car and home air conditioners to recirculate so that the smoky air is not drawn inward
  • If you have to spend time outdoors, safety goggles and sunglasses can help minimize the irritating effects of wildfire smoke
  • Avoid using contact lenses or applying makeup near eyes
  • Keep your body hydrated and keep your eyes lubricated with artificial tears
  • Use eye drops for irritation
  • Make an appointment at TruVision Eye Care in Tacoma for problems that may not be smoke-related

Don’t hesitate to CONTACT US here at TruVision Eye Care if you need help managing smoke-related eye problems. If you have eye pain or severe irritation, please schedule an appointment for a careful exam and diagnosis. Your vision is important, and we want to help you with any of your eye health concerns.

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